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Eco-footprints and technological change

By Dave Elliott

In their paper ‘A system of systems approach to energy sustainability assessment: are all renewables really green?’ Saeed Hadian (UCLA) and Kaveh Madani (ICL), take a comprehensive look at energy system carbon footprints, water footprints, land footprints and costs. They conclude that geothermal energy has the lowest impact, biomass elephant grass the most. As you might expect, coal and oil are also high, wind and solar thermal low, but so is nuclear, while PV solar comes out quite high – more than hydro, or gas: – cor0005


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The alternative to the “Clean Deployment Consensus” is also unclear

by Carey W King

Belief in future rate of innovation progress is also not a guaranteed solution to “long-term” climate mitigation

I recently read over the report Challenging the Clean Energy Deployment Consensus by Megan Nicholson & Matthew Stepp for The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.  The authors define the “clean energy deployment consensus” as those (e.g. Amory Lovins, Al Gore, Mark Jacobson of Stanford) that believe clean (low-carbon) energy technologies are already sufficient to substitute for fossil fuels, and all we need to do is quickly manufacture and install them at a large enough scale to displace fossil fuels.  Contrary to purveyors of the “clean energy deployment consensus,” the authors believe that existing clean (low carbon) energy technologies are not yet sufficient to effectively mitigate climate change and economically substitute for fossil fuel energy supplies:


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