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Vision Prize gets personal

by Liz Kalaugher

Vision Prize, the climate science polling company that has a collaboration with environmentalresearchweb, has just opened its fourth quarter poll of expert opinion on climate science.

Questions for this round include “what is the likelihood that carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere in the year 2050 will be at least double that of the pre-industrial era?” and “will there be sufficient deployment of carbon capture and storage technology by 2050 to have a significant impact?” as well as queries about sea-level rise relative to the highest figure given in the IPCC fifth assessment report, equilibrium climate sensitivity, and priorities for technology investment for climate change mitigation. You can sign up for free if you’re a new user, or use your existing registration to log in.

You can also suggest questions or provide feedback on proposed questions.

Vision Prize has introduced myVISION, a personalized chart feature that lets you compare your predictions of the views of your colleagues with the average prediction by other experts, for the most recently completed polling round.

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Is your ‘Vision’ the same as your climate science colleagues?

by Liz Kalaugher

In climate science, projections tend to be long-term and patience is required to discover their accuracy. But by entering the Vision Prize polls you can find out in just a few months how well you predicted your colleagues’ views, as well as how much you agree with majority thinking.

vision-prize-160x60In this quarter’s polls you can comment on when sea-level will rise 1 metre above 2000 levels, which regions will see most weather disasters in the 2030s, the likelihood of geoengineering deployment in the form of solar radiation management, which technologies could most slow climate change this century, and whether burning all currrent fossil fuel reserves would bring more than 3 degrees of warming.

It’s free to sign up, participants are vetted to ensure they have relevant expertise, the poll takes around 5-10 minutes to complete, and the best predictors win prizes for the charity of their choice.

  • environmentalresearchweb has set up a collaboration with VisionPrize.


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